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    sylvie g4

    Gradient Golden 4

    The new Golden4 from the Gradient development team is the follow-up to the most successful Gradient model ever, the Golden series. The result is pure style, an aerodynamic design with an incomparable variety of uses and the potential to meet the demands of all kinds of pilots. 

    The agility, lift, performance and speed of the Golden4 are backed up by strong passive safety. Gradient’s typical sensitive handling and immediate feedback means pilots relax and quickly start to fly in harmony with the wing. 

    It makes the Golden4 a truly reliable partner. Flying becomes intuitive, leaving your mind free to concentrate on making decisions about your flight.

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    Ozone Distributor

    As September 2015, we are very proud to be part of  the Ozone team.

    WA Paragliding Academy is now Ozone distributor Australian wide.

    Any order of paragliding equipment from Ozone can now be made directly from us.                                                                                         

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    Woody Valley Wani Harness


    WANÌ is a new reversible harness with a self-inflating air bag, designed to ensure maximum lightness with the best passive safety tested by us. The geometry or the belts system is the same as the Haska harness, which has demonstrated an excellent balance between
    manoeuvrability and stability.
    With WANÌ, the concept of reversibility has changed, diversifying the backpack from the harness. This new system considerably
    improves the aesthetics of the two parts as well as their functionality, because they are designed exactly for their task.

    Carefully designed in every detail, WANÌ offers a container for an emergency parachute with adjustable volume and a zip bridle over.  Excist also in Light version.

    You can see more information on Woody Valley products on

    Or ring Jiri on 0417 776 550


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    Jiri Flight Google Maps

    Jiri Flight

    Jiri flew from sandpach the other day. His plan was to make it to Salmon Holes where my dad was fishing. That way he would get a lift back with him.

    Conditions were light and challenging but he made it all the way to the Bold Head. The end of that beautiful coast line. First time ever, now we know it is possible !!

    He flew back from Bold Head to Salmon Holes, but my dad was gone, the flight took just over 2 hours to complet. I went to pick him up. Awesome flight, well done Jiri.

    You can see below his flight track, if you have  google Earth it gets even better, it can be in 3D!!!

    The flight path is shown on the image below (click to see a larger image), or open the file here on Google Drive to get more details. You can also download it then open using Google Earth to see altitude during the flight.


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    Gradient Guarantee Repair.


     Great news from Gradient, from July 2013 all Gradient Gliders accidentally damaged within 12 months of purchase can be repaired  at our Repair Centre FREE OF CHARGE!!!!

    Conditions apply. Postage at owners expense.
    This privilege applies only to gliders purchased from an approved Australian Gradient dealer such as :

    Sunshine State Paragliding Centre, Paragliding Headquarters or us WA Paragliding Academy.                                                                                          

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    Ozone Paragliders

    Ozone’s design brief is simple. We produce gliders that are safe and give pilots confidence, yet retain the dynamic feeling which makes flying enjoyable. We are pushing all of our R&D into developing the handling characteristics, sensitivity and safety of our paragliders at the speeds we normally fly at. We also believe in testing our wing’s True Performance, and we are confident that each of the paragliders that we release to the public perform well in true conditions – not only on paper. The true performance of your wing is a far greater asset than any theoretical performance edge – ask any of the many pilots who have flown our gliders to wins all over the world.

    Check out their website:

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    The Repair Center in full Action.

    We are ready to look after all your Paragliding equipment!!!

    149 rolls of different fabric, thousands of meters of different lines, a certified Load cell, a new laser measuring device, a porosity meter, top of the class sewing machines, a battsometer, line trimming equipment, an industrial press machine for break fasteners.
    The repair center is ready to look after all your paragliding equipment.
    — at Wa Paragliding Academy.


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