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    Refresher Course

    You haven’t flown for a wile, it has been a long winter…. need to get your ground handling and flying up to scratch for the summer season, well this is what you just need, 2 days of flying, ground handling, top landing, ridge soaring and a lot more. You will get your confidence and skills right back at the top.

    2 days run in Albany, depending on the weather, we will fly the coast or the winch inland.

    19th and 20th of November. numbers limited.

    Ring Jiri on 0417 776 550 or send me an email on

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    Ozone Buzz Z5


    The Buzz Z5 has now received the same performance enhancing design features that have pushed the latest iterations of Rush, Delta, Mantra, and Enzo series wings to the top of their class. Most notably, the Z5 features a totally new Shark Nose profile and leading edge. Proved to be one of the most significant recent technological breakthroughs, the patented Shark Nose profile improves performance, solidity and handling characteristics at all angles of attack and airspeed.

    Check out The Ozone web site for more info and Specifications :

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    Ozone Paragliders

    The ZERO

    The new Zero is the most precise and compact mini-wing that we have ever flown. This advanced mini-wing design was more than two years in the making, and is based on what we have learned through the development of our smaller-sized mountain gliders and also the technological advances we have made in the Ozone Performance Project.

    Check out their website:

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    Ozone Distributor


    As September 2015, we are very proud to be part of  the Ozone team.

    WA Paragliding Academy is now Ozone distributor Australian wide.

    Any order of paragliding equipment from Ozone can now be made directly from us.                                                                                         

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    Woody Valley Wani Harness


    WANÌ is a new reversible harness with a self-inflating air bag, designed to ensure maximum lightness with the best passive safety tested by us. The geometry or the belts system is the same as the Haska harness, which has demonstrated an excellent balance between
    manoeuvrability and stability.
    With WANÌ, the concept of reversibility has changed, diversifying the backpack from the harness. This new system considerably
    improves the aesthetics of the two parts as well as their functionality, because they are designed exactly for their task.

    Carefully designed in every detail, WANÌ offers a container for an emergency parachute with adjustable volume and a zip bridle over.  Excist also in Light version.

    You can see more information on Woody Valley products on

    Or ring Jiri on 0417 776 550


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    Jiri Flight Google Maps

    Jiri Flight

    Jiri flew from sandpach the other day. His plan was to make it to Salmon Holes where my dad was fishing. That way he would get a lift back with him.

    Conditions were light and challenging but he made it all the way to the Bold Head. The end of that beautiful coast line. First time ever, now we know it is possible !!

    He flew back from Bold Head to Salmon Holes, but my dad was gone, the flight took just over 2 hours to complet. I went to pick him up. Awesome flight, well done Jiri.

    You can see below his flight track, if you have  google Earth it gets even better, it can be in 3D!!!

    The flight path is shown on the image below (click to see a larger image), or open the file here on Google Drive to get more details. You can also download it then open using Google Earth to see altitude during the flight.


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