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Paragliding course PG 2 license

Our HGFA approved 9 Days License Course is a very intensive training course designed to coach you to a standard paragliding level where you will be able to progress in the sport safely under the help and guidance of your local clubs and pilots.


FIRST  ALBANY COURSE OF THE SEASON IS starting on the Saturday 11th of November till the 19th of November included.   This course is FULL

Our  January course, from the 20th to the 28th is  now  FULL

We are now taking booking for the March course. From the 3rd till the 11th of March.

Send me an email for more info ,

You will love it.





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Tandem Instructional Flights

WA Paragliding Academy, based here in Albany, provides great sporting entertainment at one of the world’s premier paragliding locations. Paraglider pilots come from all over the globe to fly over our magnificent coastline.
While in the safe end of your Instructor, Jiri,  you will learn how Paragliding work and understand the safety of the sport.
You will get a great birds’ eye view of Albany and its surroundings, flying over the beautiful white sandy beaches, maybe even catching a glimpse of the dolphins in the ocean. Fly among the birds, and look down over the nature reserves to see the kangaroos and all the other wildlife that this fantastic area has to offer – as you’ve never seen it before!
WA Paragliding Academy offers a 30 minute tandem instructional flight with an experienced professional, for $250 or a fully licensed learner courses, set over 9 days. Check our paragliding courses page for details.
Gift vouchers are available for that great surprise gift. (not refundable)
We are depending on the weather and cannot be 100 % the flight will happen, SAFETY FIRST. But we will always do our best to provide the most amazing experience. And your flight can be re-schedule without any lost of money.

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Paragiding Courses

The West Australian Paragliding Academy is one of the oldest paragliding schools in Australia. Jiri has been teaching pilots here for nearly 30 years.
WA Paragliding Academy is still the only paragliding school in Western Australia.
In order to fly a Paraglider legally and safely in Australia – you have to have a Paragliding license and be a member of the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia. (HGFA)
Jiri is a fully certified instructor and together with Sylvie, they are running one of Australia’s most established paragliding schools.
Since 1988, many students have learn the joy of paragliding with us.
The WA Paragliding Academy offers fantastic quality courses with the latest equipment, in some of the best Paragliding sites in Australia. Jiri has taught many pilots over the last 30 years and has really enjoyed watching them improving their skills over that time.
Learning to paraglide with us is not just about a 9 day course but it is about extending and improving your skills with us for years to come. We always welcome and encourage our ex-students to come and fly with us in our different trips or simply here in Albany.
It takes a minimum of 9 days to complete all the requirements for you to get your PG2 paragliding license.  We do 4 courses  per year in  Albany between November and April and 1 course in Geraldton in August. We only take 4 students per course.   Course cost: $2500 – which includes learning to paraglide and the use of the  latest  equipment  during the course.
Very popular way of flying cross-country in WA. A must for anybody who lives in a flat area.This is a 2 days course.   Course cost: $500.
Paramotoring courses are available all year around for people who hold a PG4  license.
Course costs: $1500, this course needs a minimum of flights to complete. ring Jiri for more info. . This is done in Albany and does not including equipment.
For pilots who want to improve quickly and move up to a different level (thermalling, ridge soaring, top landing, recovery techniques and B-line stall).  Course costs: $250 per person per day of practical tuition, on your own equipment

For those pilots who haven’t flown for a while and need to get back into the sky safely and get get their re-certification by the HGFA.  Course cost: $500 for 2 days in Albany.


Intermediate/Advance and VHF theory  test:  $50 per student.

Please contact Jiri or Sylvie:
Mobile: 0417 776 550

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