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Repairs & Service

If you want to fly a paraglider safely, it has to be airworthy. Any damage should be repaired by a professional.

The West Australian Paragliding Academy is a Licensed Repair Centre certified by one of the largest PG manufacturers in the world – GRADIENT.







Fabric tear strength test
Line testing
Test flights
Porosity tests
Canopy repairs
Harness repairs
Line replacement
Reserve repacks
Glider inspection

We provide full inspections and testing on all paragliding equipment. A comprehensive test report will be supplied and it is included in our price.

We are repair agents for: Advance, Aerodyne, Airwave, Bio-Air, Gin, Gradient, Mac-Para, Niviuk, Nova, Ozone, Paratech, Sky, Swing, Up.

Any work will be performed to the highest standards using the best technology available. Our workshop is equipped for performing the most difficult tasks like changing the whole sections of a paraglider. We stock most of the materials used on current paragliders and can perform most repairs within a few days. No matter how bad a shape your equipment is in – if it can be fixed, we’ll do it.

For a quote, please contact Jiri:

Mobile: 0417 776 550

If you are posting your paraglider to us, please wrap it up in Black plastic from the Hardware store without the back pack. Don’t forget to add your mobile number with your paraglider so we can contact you soon as we receive it.

Post it to :

Paragliding Repair Centre

93 Princess Avenue


WA 6330

Mutton Bird Island, Albany