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    Our Paragliding School is now closed.

    After 35 years of teaching paragliding, we have decided not to renew our business insurance and close our paragliding school.

    We didn’t come to this decision lightly, but we know is the right time for us.

    Paragliding and teaching paragliding all these years has been our passion and watching our students grow as pilots, reaching new levels has been a pleasure and reward for us both!

    In 1988, I started manufacturing paragliders and paragliding harnesses in Australia, and my unbreakable passion for flying was born…which is just as strong to this day.

    Now, we are looking forward to having the extra time to fly, explore and create adventures.

    Our paragliding shop will remain open and active with new and second-hand equipment for sale as usual. The Paragliding Repair Centre will keep growing and supporting more pilots than ever!

    We thank you all for your support over the years and look forward to seeing you in the sky with us. Sylvie and Jiri

    Here a few pictures of how our school started :

    Ozone Photon is out

    The Photon brings a new era for the Sport class (EN C). All of Ozone’s know-how in 2-liner designs has been applied to this wing to make it the missing link between conventional 3-liners and competition models.

    True Performance was our focus during the extensive development phase to produce practical usability and comfort throughout the speed range in real XC conditions.

    The handling, stability, and ease of use are as important to us as the performance numbers, which are close to those of the Zeno 2. Nonetheless, collapse behaviour and passive safety are solidly within the EN C category. Welcome to the future.

    The Photon is now available, Ring Jiri on 0417 776 550 for the cost.

    Also check out Ozone website for more info and colours :


    How to post your glider to The Paragliding Repair Centre?

    Avoid boxes as the post office will then charge you as cubic weight instead of scale weight.
    Equipment posted to us is usually under 6kg and should cost you one way $40 or under.
    Make sure you round the corners so it cannot be measured.
    If you have a Concertina bag, post it with your glider. Much better for your Paraglider and much easier for us to pack your glider!!
    Please write your name, return address and PHONE NUMBER on your parcel.

    Parcels to be posted to :

    The Paragliding Repair Centre

    93 Princess Avenue

    Torndirrup, Albany

    WA 6330

    Make sure you make the corners round
    Jiri Flight Google Maps

    Jiri Flight

    A few years ago Jiri was planning to fly from Sand Patch to Salmon hole but made it all the way to Bold head.

    Conditions were light and challenging but he made it all the way to the Bold Head. The end of that beautiful coast line. First time and only time still to this days, we know it is possible !!

    He flew back from Bold Head to Salmon Holes,where he landed, the flight took just over 2 hours to complete.

    You can see below his flight track, if you have  google Earth it gets even better, it can be in 3D!!!

    The flight path is shown on the image below (click to see a larger image), or open the file here on Google Drive to get more details. You can also download it then open using Google Earth to see altitude during the flight.