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Kangook Paramotor and paraglider package deal


An amazing deal :

-Kangook paramotor,

-Dudek Nucleon paraglider fully tested by the Paragliding repair center, (comes with certificate) Size 31 (120kg to 145kg)

– Paramotoring Helmet,

– Independence Reserve parachute, up to 135kg,  just checked and repacked by the Paragliding repair center,

– Sup’air flying suit size XL,

All equipment ready to be viewed in Perth.


Please contact us with Ad No88  as the reference.




A great way to get some really good altitude in WA, Towing near the Stirling ranges is awesome.

Contact me if you are  interested to get your towing endorsement, 2 days, 2 pilots only per course. Cost $600 for the 2 days



Repair logo






The repair Centre has been fully renovated with new Carpet and we have now over 200 rolls of fabrics and more then 11000 meters of different paragliding lines.

We are consistently increasing our stock with new stock on the latest fabrics for the latest paragliders.
Don’t hesitate to ring Jiri for more information on how we can fix your paraglider.





Paragliding course PG 2 license

The PG2 course is a HGFA approved 9 Days License Course. It is a very intensive training course designed to coach you to a standard paragliding level where you will be able to progress in the sport safely under the help and guidance of your local clubs and pilots. This course is only for fit and in good health people.


Here are some photos from last year.


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– 3rd of November till the 11th of November,   FULL
– 1st of December till 9th of December, FULL
– 9th of Feb to 17th of Feb 2019, FULL
– 9th of March till 17th of March 2019, FULL










Ozone Zero 2

The ZERO has gained a reputation for agile handling in a highly efficient platform, and the new ZERO 2 improves upon every aspect of the wing. With the patented OZONE SharkNose leading edge, a new arc inspired by the OZONE performance-project and significantly improved handling and overall performance, the ZERO 2 offers more without compromising stability and comfort.

  • Patented OZONE SharkNose Technology
  • New 13m Size
  • Improved launch and ground-handling
  • New Leading Edge, Arc, and performance project upgrades
  • Increased sail cohesion and improved handling
  • Increased speed and glide


Zero 2

Ozone Delta 3


delta 3

Size M/L  (85kg to 105kg)

Less then 5 hours.

This pilot thought the M/L would be fine for him but really he needs the L which he has already ordered!

The glider is supplied with back pack and all accessories like a new glider.


A great price for a great Glider

Please contact us with Ad No 80 as the reference