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    Ozone Photon is out

    The Photon brings a new era for the Sport class (EN C). All of Ozone’s know-how in 2-liner designs has been applied to this wing to make it the missing link between conventional 3-liners and competition models.

    True Performance was our focus during the extensive development phase to produce practical usability and comfort throughout the speed range in real XC conditions.

    The handling, stability, and ease of use are as important to us as the performance numbers, which are close to those of the Zeno 2. Nonetheless, collapse behaviour and passive safety are solidly within the EN C category. Welcome to the future.

    The Photon is now available, Ring Jiri on 0417 776 550 for the cost.

    Also check out Ozone website for more info and colours :


    Paragliding course PG 2

    The PG2 course is a SAFA approved 9 Days License Course. It is a very intensive training course designed to coach you to a standard paragliding level where you will be able to progress in the sport safely under the help and guidance of your local clubs and pilots. This course is only for fit and in good health people.

    We are fully booked for this summer. But We do have a waiting list in case of any cancellation.  Our next  summer course is on the Saturday 18th of November 2023 till 26th of November 2023 included.

    Send me an email for more info.

    Here some more photos of our last few  courses :

    Taking off from the Winch
    Getting ready for take off
    Taking off

    Flight at Shelley Beach
    And then there is the theory!!

    How to post your glider to The Paragliding Repair Centre?

    Avoid boxes as the post office will then charge you as cubic weight instead of scale weight.
    Equipment posted to us is usually under 6kg and should cost you one way $40 or under.
    Make sure you round the corners so it cannot be measured.
    If you have a Concertina bag, post it with your glider. Much better for your Paraglider and much easier for us to pack your glider!!
    Please write your name, return address and PHONE NUMBER on your parcel.

    Parcels to be posted to :

    The Paragliding Repair Centre

    93 Princess Avenue

    Torndirrup, Albany

    WA 6330

    Make sure you make the corners round

    Paragliding Repair Centre

    Our  PARAGLIDING REPAIR CENTRE is the only CERTIFIED paragliding repair facility In Australia.

    We are fully equipped service and agent for: Advance, Aerodyne, Airwave, Apco, BGD, Flow Paragliders, Bio-Air, Gin, Gradient, Mac-Para, Niviuk, Nova, Ozone, Paratech, Sky,  Skywalk,  Swing, and Up.

    We are certified to perform repairs and testing of paragliders and accessories in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards and design rules. Our workshop is fully equipped for performing any tasks of repairs, testing of paragliders, harnesses or paragliding accessories. We stock over 300 rolls of different types of fabric and over 20 000 m of lines used on paragliders.  No matter how bad your equipment is damaged , we can repaired it. Before conducting any repairs we provide  2 quotes for the repairs. ( full panels replacements, as new paraglider …. or section panel replacements)

    Price list of some available inspections, tests and repairs :

    – Porosity Test (5 tests on the top and 3 on the bottom) -$60

    – Fabric strength Test -$20 ( or free if with porosity inspection)

    – Fabric Inspection  – $80

    – Line and Risers Inspection – $50,

    – Lines stabilization and symmetry – $60

    – Line strength test to breaking point with line replacement  – $100 ( 2 low lines and 1 Mid line)

    – Line Trim with line stabilization to 15kg – $250

    Low line replacement  $32 ( plus postage )

    – Mid line replacement $27 ( plus postage )

    -Top line replacement $25 ( plus postage)

    -Main brake line replacement $22 ( plus postage )

    -Full panel replacement: price depending on length of each panel, v ribs, lines attachments, reinforcements ….  

    -Test flight inspection $60

    – SKYWALK CHECK AIR with 2+2 Guarantee

    -Complete Check Air with Skywalk sticker including trimming $350

    -If Skywalk requires some lines to be broken and replaced to specified overall strength of lines then the total cost including Skywalk sticker $420

    Postage express less then 5kg $25

    Postage express less then 6kg $40

    Postage normal less then 7kg $40

    Reserve parachute :

    We recommend having your reserve repacked once annually. The annual repack increase your chance of a fast opening time. In our professional opinion, reserves that are 10 or more years old, should be retired regardless if they have been used or not, it comes to safety and overall fabric degradation over the years, we cannot offer repack service to reserve 10 or more years old.

    COST :  solo : FROM $60   – Tandem : $80

    If you are posting your paraglider to us, please wrap it up in Black plastic from the Hardware store without the back pack. Don’t forget to add your mobile number with your paraglider so we can contact you soon as we receive it.

    Post it to :

    Paragliding Repair Centre

    93 Princess Avenue


    WA 6330

    For more informations ring Jiri : 0417776550

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    Jiri Flight Google Maps

    Jiri Flight

    A few years ago Jiri was planning to fly from Sand Patch to Salmon hole but made it all the way to Bold head.

    Conditions were light and challenging but he made it all the way to the Bold Head. The end of that beautiful coast line. First time and only time still to this days, we know it is possible !!

    He flew back from Bold Head to Salmon Holes,where he landed, the flight took just over 2 hours to complete.

    You can see below his flight track, if you have  google Earth it gets even better, it can be in 3D!!!

    The flight path is shown on the image below (click to see a larger image), or open the file here on Google Drive to get more details. You can also download it then open using Google Earth to see altitude during the flight.