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Ozone Delta 3


delta 3

Size M/L  (85kg to 105kg)

Less then 5 hours.

This pilot thought the M/L would be fine for him but really he needs the L which he has already ordered!

The glider is supplied with back pack and all accessories like a new glider.


A great price for a great Glider

Please contact us with Ad No 80 as the reference

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Ozone Buzz Z5


Large, 95kg to 115kg

Just under 30 hours flight time and in perfect condition, brought new in February.
Comes with Ozone concertina bag and also Ozone Sombrero Stuff bag..
Only selling as the customer has lost a lot of weight and the glider is now too big,

$3300 firm

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, nature and water
Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, nature and water

Please contact us with Ad No 81 as the reference

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BGD Distributors

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We are very proud to share the news that we are now Australian BGD  Distributors as well as Approved BGD Service Centre.

Our first order has arrived with 1 Epic size M,  1 Epic size M/L  and 1 Adam size M/L

All 3 gliders  will be used as  demo to potential buyers.

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Please check the BGD website for more information on their products.


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Ozone Delta 3




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Fall in Love… Again.
The long-awaited Delta 3 is certified in the ML size.

The new DELTA 3 is a wing that Delta 2 pilots will love. Everything about the D2 that is good, has been made better. Our mission for the DELTA 3 was to take the handling and “Sport-Performance Class feeling” to new levels and increase the speed and glide performance, without increasing the aspect ratio. The result is a wing that feels more agile and efficient in active air or while thermalling, has noticeably increased performance, and is every bit as pleasurable to fly. The OZONE philosophy of True Performance can be felt in the D3 with every ascending carve and accelerated glide.

The DELTA 3 is designed for XC flying. It is Sport-Performance Class wing suitable for a wide range of pilots. Replacing the iconic DELTA 2, it is ideal for those stepping up from the EN B categories and for more experienced pilots who seek comfort and ease of use in the performance XC class. DELTA 2 pilots will feel comfortable immediately and appreciate the improved handling and more precise feel that the D3 delivers.

The DELTA series has an important legacy of performance, fun, comfort and stability in active air. We strived to make the DELTA 3 a very well-rounded wing, and we think the comfort and ease of use is still the best in its class. The top speed has been increased and glide performance – particularly in accelerated flight – shows significant improvement throughout the speed range. We have paid special attention to the handling behavior of the DELTA 3, concentrating on the precision of the brakes, especially in the first part of the range to create an efficient, elegant, and agile climbing machine.

Read more info on the Delta 3 Product Page


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Paragliding course PG 2 license

Our HGFA approved 9 Days License Course is a very intensive training course designed to coach you to a standard paragliding level where you will be able to progress in the sport safely under the help and guidance of your local clubs and pilots.


FIRST  ALBANY COURSE OF THE SEASON IS starting on the Saturday 11th of November till the 19th of November included.   This course is FULL

Our  January course, from the 20th to the 28th is  now  FULL

We are now taking booking for the March course. From the 3rd till the 11th of March.

Send me an email for more info ,

You will love it.





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